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The Travelcunt is made of a very soft silicone based rubber that has a very natural feeling to it. The interiour mold form is designed that when you penetrate it, the Travelcunt will adept to the shape of your penis. The soft silicone material wil, just like a real vagina, surround the penis and duplicate the body temperature. In other words, the Travelcunt feels the same as when you slide into a real vagina.

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Experience the soft touch of the Travelcunt. This wonderfull vagina mold will let you have great orgasms. Travelcunt is always in the mood when you want some great sex.

For the men who have never used a vagina mold before. You dont know what you're missing! With a good squirt of lubricant the Travelcunt will give you a soft sucking sensation. With this you can also train your stamina.

Enjoy the great sucking sensation whenever you want! Many couples use this toy in the bedroom as well

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